Frontline Pest Management understands that pests can have a devastating effect on an otherwise successful business. Not only do pests such as cockroaches and rats bring health problems, they can also cause damage to expensive equipment, building structures and electrical wiring.

Here at Frontline Pest Management, we understand your needs when it comes to commercial pest control and can tailor a program that suits your business on a monthly, 6-weekly, quarterly, 4-monthly or 6-monthly schedule – servicing the pests that are an issue to your business. If you have a restaurant or café you will need to ensure that cockroaches, mice, rats and flies keep away from your food safe areas and customers. Or perhaps you would like to keep your showroom or warehouse free of spiders. In either case, we can design a scheduled pest maintenance program that is right for your business, all the way from small operations to large-scale companies. Best of all, there are no lock-in contracts.

Call us today to arrange an obligation-free inspection to assess your pest issues and determine what solution best suits your business.

Pest Management Program

•  We conduct an inspection of your property and identify which pests you may have a problem with.

•  Provide you with a customised and cost-effective treatment plan to address your specific pest problem.

•  After acceptance of the quote, implement the pest control program we devised for you.

•  Services are carried out at a time suitable to the business (this may be prearranged by email).

•  Provide a detailed service report at each visit, specifying which treatments were carried out as well as our recommendations on how to further protect your business from any future infestations.

•  We will provide copies of Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) for all chemicals that we will be using in the carrying out of the treatment.

•  We will provide you copies of all our licenses and insurances so you can rest assured you are dealing with a professional pest control company and that we adhere to all health and safety regulations.

•  Ensure that we meet all standards required to meet all health regulations regarding pest control.

•  Adherence to all requirements as set out by HACCP and all other external auditing bodies.

Frontline Pest Management Service Warranty

•  Trained and licensed technicians

•  Onsite assessment before commencing work

•  Follow-up recommendations

•  Free Service periods

•  Information and advice provided

•  Documentation provided for all treatment carried out

•  Service is carried out at a time convenient for the business

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