Once infestations of mice are established in homes, they reproduce quite rapidly. As populations grow, more food is contaminated through the droppings and urine they leave behind. This puts residents at a higher risk of contracting diseases. To eliminate infestations before mice numbers get out of hand, homeowners should contact trained pest professionals at the first sign of mouse activity. Frontline Pest Management specialists eliminate the pests and provide helpful tips for avoiding future infestations. 

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Mouse control solutions

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Inspection – we will discuss your pest problem, carry out an inspection and provide a quote and recommendations.  Appointment will be at a time suitable to you.  Solutions will be tailored to your particular pest problem.

Treatment – our qualified technicians will come out to provide your treatment at a time suitable to you, with an environmentally friendly approach and child and pet friendly treatments.

Follow-up treatments – we will make as many visits as are required to ensure the problem is resolved  as well as providing prevention advice.

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Frontline Pest Managements mouse control service

At Frontline Pest Management, we understand the concerns to your home, family or business from the presence of mice. As experts in mouse control, we provide quick and effective services to help your property stay pest-free.

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Mouse infestation

Your home or business could provide an ideal location for food and shelter for the common House mouse. Once inside your property, mice prefer to keep hidden during the day. Identifying a potential infestation through signs of activity is often a lot easier than trying to spot an actual mouse. Getting professional treatment at the earliest sign of a problem can greatly help to reduce the length of time needed to effectively control an infestation.

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Worried about mice in your home or business?

There are some steps now that you can take to get rid of mice in your home or business. Call Frontline Pest Management to get rid of mice safely and effectively.

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Know what to look for.

They can multiply quickly and will do significant damage to your home, business and furniture through their gnawing activities. They will also contaminate food and other materials through the droppings they leave behind. Their droppings have even been implicated as potential asthma triggers in children. Not only are mice destructive they have also been known to cause house fires after chewing through electrical cables.

How to get rid of mice

Once an infestation has been identified, the best and most effective way to get rid of mice is with professional treatment. Professional solutions can guarantee to quickly and safely remove mice from your home or business. Solutions can be tailored to each unique problem and can also offer effective deterrent methods to avoid a re-infestation. Professional mouse control will help to avoid:

•  Disease – mice are well known to spread disease with the ability to contaminate food and water supplies. Salmonella, Leptospirosis or Hantavirus are just a few they can transmit.

•  Damage – they are also able to cause considerable damage to property and pose a genuine fire risk with their habit of chewing on electrical cables and wiring.

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Prevention tips to keep mice away.

Do you think you have mice?

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Our plan of attack

–   we answer all calls promptly and will arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

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–   one of our licensed technicians will come at a time suitable to you to carry out treatment once you are happy for us to proceed. All our treatments are safe for children and pets and offers minimum disruption to your home or business.

–   the technician may make follow-up visits if required until the problem has been resolved.

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