Whether you’re after your annual pest treatment or have a pest infestation that needs prompt expert attention, call the experts at Frontline Pest Management.

Most homeowners prefer a once a year general pest treatment to keep the creepy crawlies at bay. Here at Frontline Pest Management you can opt for one of our annual, great value package deals which includes all the target pests. Each package is a comprehensive, professional and affordable pest control treatment for residents in Moreton Bay area and northern Brisbane suburbs.

At other times however, you may be faced with a pest outbreak, when your property becomes infested by a particular type of pest. In most cases, this will require a specialist pest control treatment to get on top of the problem. With specialised pest programs for cockroaches, ants, fleas, rodents and more, we guarantee we can solve your pest problem.

Comprehensive general pest treatment:

Pests included: the following target pests – cockroaches, internal ants, webbing spiders and silverfish. Please click here for our most popular package deals.

Free Service Period:  12 months

We take the time to carry out a complete and professional pest control treatment, which is why we can offer our 12 months Free Service Period warranty.

What areas are treated?

We tailor our pest treatments to the particular property and pest situation we find. However, typically our general pest treatment will involve carrying out a spray to the external perimeter of the home, pathways, garage and a garden shed. Sub-floors will be treated with a spray and we ‘dust’ the roof space with an insecticidal powder. As well as a general spray indoors to skirting boards, we utilise cockroach gels in other areas where pests like to hide, such as the cupboards in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

How safe are our pest control treatments?

Frontline Pest Management uses only safe and environmentally friendly methods combined with quality products. The health and safety of people and their pets is always considered when carrying out any treatment. We apply residual materials to necessary areas which may include kitchen cupboards and all the wet areas such as bathroom, ensuite, toilet and laundry; kick boards and skirting boards; roof spaces and the external perimeter of the home; all of which are effective against the heaviest infestations, yet extremely low in toxicity to humans and pets.

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Specialised pest control treatment

We also provide a range of specific treatment programs to cover the following pests: 

We tailor these pest control treatments to the specific problem we find at your property.

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