White Footed Ants

White Footed Ant – Technomyrmex albipes

A small, dull, and cloudy-black coloured ant which can reach up to 3mm in length during adulthood. It is distinguished by the pale colouration on all of its tarsi and antennae which are a whitish-yellow colour.

•  Nests are more commonly located outdoors but can be found in trees, shrubs or anywhere that will accommodate a group of ants including brick voids and behind fascias.

•  The White-Footed Ant is not a biting insect and primarily exists on sugary foods, particularly honeydew and occasionally proteins. Workers from this trailing species are very prevalent when foraging, as they can exist in large numbers.

• These ants are seen to be a nuisance due to their large colonies and constant foraging in kitchens, bathrooms and the exteriors of buildings.