Rats can be very persistent in their never ending pursuit of food and lodgings and if they manage to gain access into your home or business they can spread disease, cause considerable damage and contaminate food.

•  Rats can damage your home’s insulation, air conditioning ductwork, electrical and internet cables as well as poly pipe.

•  They can chew through floor joists and walls.

•  They can cause fires by chewing on electrical cables.

•  Rats can undermine hill sides, retaining walls and other similar structures through their burrowing activity. Even rats in the yard and outside can present a risk, particularly since those areas are visited by children and pets.

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Rat control solutions

Contact Us – with our effective rat control services, we can help you avoid costly damage to your property as well as prevent the transfer of disease. Our qualified technicians use safe and reliable control methods. 

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When is the best time to get rid of rats?

If you think you have rats, it is important to act quickly to control the level of infestation and reduce the health risks posed by this rodent.

At Frontline Pest Management, our qualified technicians are able to provide the most effective rat control services best suited to your problem.

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Do you think you have rats?

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Identify your pest

Solutions can vary greatly depending on the species infesting your home or business. You need to be sure you have a rat problem and not a mouse infestation.

The situation can be even more challenging as rats are nocturnal; making it unlikely that you will actually spot a live rat. However, once spotted, rats are easy to identify. Black rats have a pointed nose, large ears and a slender body while brown rats have a blunt nose, small ears and a thicker body compared to black rats.

Knowing the signs of a rat problem is just as critical as being able to correctly identify a visible rat. This is where a trained, professional pest controller can really help.

Correct identification will help you to choose the most effective control method, helping to save you time, money and worry.

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How to get rid of rats

The most effective way to treat rats is with the use of rodenticides. They are suitable for use indoors and out.

Rat bait stations

The first part of any rodent control program is to carry out an inspection. It is vital to identify the species, map the areas of activity, understand how it is accessing the property and if possible locate the nest.

A rodent control program will require our qualified technicians to determine how many bait stations are required depending on the size of the home, the surrounding environment and the severity of the infestation. For more involved problems or serious infestations, it may take several visits to gain control and sometimes an ongoing control program may need to be put in place.

The use of any rodent product not only takes into account the species, but any safety considerations – children, pets, food areas, etc. We always use lockable bait stations in our baiting programs and stations will be placed out of the reach of children and pets.

To aid in the control and prevent future infestations, the recommended rodent-proofing and hygiene measures also need to be implemented.

Benefits of bait stations

Using rat bait stations is an effective way to control a rat infestation on your property.

Rat bait stations are weatherproof and tamper resistant, these stations are safe to use even in areas where children or pets may be present. The rat bait or rodenticide contained within the device is only accessible to rats and offers an effective solution to your rat problem.

Our rodenticide baits, suitable for use indoors and outdoors, are installed and distributed through these bait stations as part of a customised rat control program for homes and businesses.

Plastic bait stations

Manufactured in tough polypropylene with a secure lock, the plastic bait stations can be secured to a wall or the ground.

•  Recommended for external areas.

•  Suitable for all weather conditions.