Pricing Table


Most homeowners prefer a once a year general pest treatment to keep nasty pests at bay. Here at Frontline Pest Management we have on offer a great value package deal which includes the target pests. The package is a  professional and affordable pest control treatment for residents in Moreton Bay Region as well as northern Brisbane suburbs.

The Standard Pest Control package aims at targeting the most common pests around the home – cockroaches, ants, spiders and silverfish. 

Treatment includes:

Internal – spraying of skirting boards/kick boards; crack and crevice treatment; gel bait applied to wet area cupboards, that is, kitchen, bathroom and laundry; and dusting in the roof cavity/wall cavity/subfloor space.

External – treatment carried out to the perimeter of the residence that is, window frames and door frames, eaves, weepholes etc; patios and pathways; treatment to a 3 x 3 garden shed.

  •    Treatment is to those pests in or on the building.
  •    Treatment excludes german cockroaches. 
  •    Treatment for ants does not include ants in the yard, in lawns or in the gardens. 
  •    Treatment is carried out to the accessible areas of the property.
  •    Warranty is 12 months for cockroaches, ants, spiders (webbing only) and silverfish.

Targeted Pest Treatments

If you are having a problem with a particular pest or are trying to deal with an infestation, then a targeted pest treatment would be the best option for you. Targeted pest control treatments for one pest start from $110.00. The price will depend on the pest being treated and the level of infestation.  Any applicable warranty may vary,  dependant on the pest being treated and the level of infestation. In some cases, follow-up treatments may be required in order to break the breeding cycle and get the problem under control. 

Standard Pest Control

Prices start from:
$ 220
  • Cockroach, Ant, Spider and Silverfish
  • Internal/External; Wall Cavity
  • Roof Cavity/Subfloor
  • Kitchen/Bathroom/Laundry Cupboards

Rats & Mice

Prices start from:
$ 198
  • Inspection of site and installation of rodent bait stations
  • A follow-up treatment is recommended 2-4 weeks after initial treatment. This includes assessment of bait station activity and replenish stations as required. Cost $132.00.
  • We offer advice on steps you can take to preventing future rodent activity
  • In problem cases an ongoing treatment plan may be required

Termite Inspection

Prices start from:
$ 220
  • Inspection includes internal, external, roof void and subfloor.
  • Comprehensive written report - includes evidence of termites and situations conducive to infestation.
  • Termatrac T3i Radar Technology

Pest & Termite Inspection

Prices start from:
$ 397
  • Combine your general pest control with a termite inspection and you can rest assured that all of your pest problems have been taken care of!