FAQ for Home Page

I have a cat and a dog  – is it going to be safe for them if you are spraying my house?

We ask that any pets be removed from the area that is being treated. If we’re spraying the inside, put them outside and vice versa. Once the chemical is dry, it is safe to bring your pet back. Depending on the weather, this can take up to an hour.

Do I have to empty my kitchen cupboards like I used to?

No, not at all. No more messy powders in the kitchen cupboards, these days we use a much more targeted approach for cockroaches by treating cracks and crevices and gel baiting inside your cupboards.

How toxic are the chemicals you use?

The products we use are recognised as being the safest available on the market. However, that being said, they must be used in accordance with the product label, that is, the rate of application and areas of treatment. So, using them the way they should be used, they are considered very safe to be used in and around domestic homes. These are the same products which are registered for use in hospitals and schools.

Do I have to vacate the house while you spray?

Not really, we just ask that you are out of the room while we are treating. The easiest way is for you to stay inside while we treat the outside and stay outside whilst we do the inside. If there are young children at home, it would be best that they are not at home at the time of the treatment.

Can I mop my floors after you have treated?

The first time you mop or vacuum, will not remove the product completely, but it will gradually remove the product each time you do. Therefore, we do ask that you avoid mopping the edges of your floors at least for a couple of weeks. That way we are hitting any pest activity in your home at full strength and speeding up that control process for you. You can mop in the middle of the floors or sweep, just don’t mop the edges for a while.